A Native Pandora Radio Client for Windows

Elpis is a free and open source Pandora client for Microsoft Windows. It was created to provide a simple, lightweight and seamless way to enjoy music through Pandora while freeing you from the confines of a web browser and integrating into the desktop.


  • Simple desktop application for subscription and free accounts
  • View, Sort and Select Stations
  • Play, Pause, Skip Song
  • Cover and Artist Art
  • Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, Tired of Song
  • Save user credentials and automatic login
  • Automatically play last station at launch
  • System tray notification with song info
  • Minimize/Close to system tray
  • Pause on System Lock
  • Launch pandora.com info page for song, artist, album and station
  • Automatically reconnects on session timeout (no more “Are you still listening…”)
  • Creating stations
  • Edit QuickMix
  • Create Station from playing Song/Artist
  • Add new artist, song, or composer seed to current stations
  • Media Key support (Global and Application level)
  • Last.FM Scrobbling


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Elpis will run anywhere that the Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework will run. In other words, Windows XP SP3, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (in desktop mode). The actual hardware requirements are practically negligible, it actually uses less memory than the HTML5 web version running in a modern browser like Chrome.

Afraid you might not have .NET 4.0 or don’t know what it is? No worries, if you are running the Windows 7 SP1 and have Windows Update enabled, you’ve already got it. If not and the installer finds that it’s not installed, it will automatically download and install it for you. It only takes a few minutes.


Latest Version – v1.4.6

Source Code

For the developers out there, all of the source code for Elpis is hosted on GitHub, see any of the following links for more information:

Other Links

  • Pithos (Linux Gnome client)
  • Pianobar (Linux command line client)
  • LPFM – Elpis uses (and contributes to) LPFM, an open source .NET API for Last.FM

Important Note:

Elpis was created out of a great love for the service provided by Pandora Media, Inc.
But Pandora is still a business and if we all want to continue to enjoy the great product, through Elpis or otherwise, it is strongly suggested that you support them in any way possible. Purchasing a Pandora One subscription is one of the best ways and allows you to stream the music in even better quality (192kbps MP3 – Change it in Elpis settings after subscribing).  If you do not subscribe, please at least visit pandora.com and click on the ad links or click on any of the Title, Artist or Album text from within Elpis to be taken to the pandora.com info page for it and buy the song or the album. Every time you do this, Pandora gets a cut of the sale.

Elpis and it’s creator are not affiliated with or endorsed by Pandora Media, Inc.


If you have an issue or feature request, please DO NOT leave a comment about it.
Instead, please submit the issue or feature request on the Elpis Issues List
If you leave a comment I will just ask you to create an official request anyways.

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  1. […] yet feature rich Pandora client for Windows. The program and its source code are both available at Adam Haile’s website. Elpis requires the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 to be installed on the system. It is […]

    • Is there anyway to change where Elpis will stream from? Like changing it’s output audio driver? I love pandora and I would love to broadcast it through my Ventrilo server :(

      • I’m still not sure what you want to do? It can only stream from Pandora and will output to the default audio device.

        • Sounds like he’d like to change the output of Elpis to a mic input (rather than audio out) — so he can stream to his Vent buddies (make-shift online radio it seems?) Sounds like he would like to mimic Shoutcast Radio and Winamp.

  2. […] yet feature rich Pandora client for Windows. The program and its source code are both available at Adam Haile’s website. Elpis requires the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 to be installed on the system. It is […]

  3. […] abounding Pandora customer for Windows. The module and a source formula are both permitted during Adam Haile’s website. Elpis requires a Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 to be commissioned on a system. It is […]

  4. […] For a full list of features and to download Elpis, go to http://www.adamhaile.net/projects/elpis/ […]

  5. […] Download Elpis. […]

  6. […] y muy completa. Lo único para objetarle es el hecho de que se encuentra en inglés.Enlace: Elpis.Tweet Categorías: Ocio, Software, Windows, Windows 7 Etiquetas: Elpis, musica, Pandora, […]

    • I’ve been getting a lot more attention from non-English speaking users as of late, so thought that I would mention: I only speak English, so I’m not able to do so, but if there are any developers out there that would be interested in helping me add translated text to Elpis (it would require pulling out all the text into a separate resource and then, of course, actually doing the translation) I would be more than happy to work with you to get it into future versions. Just not something I can do myself.

  7. Interesting that you named the product elpis—Greek for hope.
    Haven’t tried the s/w yet—saw it recommended on Lifehacker. I have a Pandora One subscription. I’ll probably come back and donate on your next upgrade.

  8. Working great on Win7, it rocks! Keep up the awesome work!

  9. Can this work via proxy servers? I use a SOCKS proxy to access Pandora

    • Unfortunately, there is no support currently. I will try to add it in the future, but have had little time lately.

  10. intereating! new feature possibility, post what u r listening to on facebook and or other social networks or other IM clients.

  11. Please allow custom proxy settings, thanks.

  12. Heyas, great Program! Quick question: Are there volume controls somewhere, or am I missing something? And if not, does that mean I’ll have to open Pandora in the browser to set it? I like to stream Pandora while I’m gaming out, and often alt/tab to adjust the volume.
    Thanx for your time and efforts!

    • Currently volume is just set to whatever your system volume is. If you have Windows 7, you can still set the volume for individual programs in the volume slider window.

      I will probably add volume controls in Elpis soon.

  13. it would be nice to have lyrics in future editions, great software though. I hate having to go through my browser

  14. Hello,

    Great job..many thanks.

    Is there a minor rendering issue. Composer Eugene Bozza. Te second “e” in Eugene has a grave accent. Elpis does not like this and creates garbage.


  15. Great job, I would love custom proxy support for Elpis, and improved volume controls. I see great future on your work!!!

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  17. I am wondering if this will ever work with screen readers or other adaptive technology. sure there is Hope, accessible pandora but i really like thissoftware better. as a matter of fact, i would love to be accessibility beta tester if you don’t mind….

    • Hey… I can’t say I even being to know how to make it compatible with such technologies. I will look into it though and will definitely send you a beta if I do add the ability.

  18. Great work. First time i ever donated to anyone. just a buck but this is worth it (more of course). Keep it up.

    i think i will use more Pandora thanks to this little app.

  19. Any chance of making an app of Elpis for android?

    • In theory it would be possible to use the underlying Pandora API I wrote on android via Mono for Android (since it’s .NET) but everything else would have to be a ground-up rewrite. So, no not really. But if anyone wants to use the libraries for an App I’ll provide support where I can.

  20. […] memory usage depending on what browser and what extensions you use. That’s why the desktop client Elpis is so […]

  21. yah scrobbling to lastfm would be awesome :/

    • Hopefully I’ll have time to do that shortly.

  22. […] memory usage depending on what browser and what extensions you use. That’s why the desktop client Elpis is so […]

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  25. Is it possible to add one more option from web Pandora “Move track to another playlist” ?
    btw, great work anyway :)

  26. First your Program is amazing and lightweight and looks nice on the desktop !
    Feature requests ..

    1. When using quick mix , and something is playing you can not tell what station that song comes from. example your are quick mixing sation A / B and C , a song plays you don’t know where its playing from , so you do not know to thumbs up or down .

    2. Any way you could make a Windows 7 gadget of this ?

    • Thanks!

      1) If you open the menu for the some and click on the info button it will take you to the pandora page for that song and it should tell you which station it’s from. But I can definitely look into integrating it into the app itself. Please create an official request here: http://code.google.com/p/elpis-pandora-client/issues/list

      2) To my knowledge, Windows 7 gadgets are implemented in HTML and Javascript, so unfortunately the answer is no. It would have to be completely rewritten from scratch.

  27. Love this app, would like to see an “exit” option in the tray icon!

    Thanks for creating something so simple and beautiful!

    • Glad you like it!
      I’ll definitely get the exit option in there on the next version. Thanks!

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  29. for proxy usage without a program supporting it one can use a file to give the system custom proxy settings.

    windows and mac support this. you can create a file like the following and feed it to the settings.
    i called it pandora.pac

    function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
    if (shExpMatch(host, “*.pandora.com”)) return “SOCKS″
    return “DIRECT”;

    just found this app, hope it uses less ressources than running pandora as a chrome app.

    so far i cant find anything to change the volume Oo

  30. Is there a way to set the play/pause button to a different key? Like my play/pause button my keyboard?

    • It should support the play/pause button on most keyboards out of the box. As long as the window as focus. If you want it to work regardless of the window being up, go into settings and select “Global Media Keys”.

      • Ah just relised my top keys are broke gotta love kids. Anyway of setting the play/pause to / isntead of the spacebar because I gamee and I do not utilize that key in my game?

        • I will look into making them configurable.

  31. Hi Adam,

    Thanks for the great app, been looking for something like this for a while since the windows gadget eats tons of memory.

    Any way to make the icon transparent/have background? I use a all black screen so it looks like a blank spot on the systray

    • Thanks. I will look into changing the icon in the future.

  32. Oh no! The pandora api has changed! D:
    Here’s hoping for an update, and thank you so much for providing a great app!

    • Thanks for letting me know! I *think* I’ve figured out how to fix it, but need to do some more testing before just blindly pushing an update. Stay tuned!

  33. Great work and thanks for the great app. I use it all the time. Good luck getting it up and working again!

  34. Thank you for all your hard work on this app! :)

  35. it seems that elpis cannot authenticate user as of today… “Looks like there was a problem talking to Pandora. Try again or restart Elpis.”

  36. Works latest version Win 7 s64 SP1 just now. Sweet clear sound. Thanks. Hope it holds.

  37. This little gadget is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Got rid of those darn ads and it doesn’t stop to ask if I”m still listening (that’s just plain stupid). Compared to Pandora desktop, it uses about the same amount of memory, but is more user friendly. By far the better choice.

    Gripes: would be nice to change background/color (i.e. different skins) and would be super awesome to have this mobile (namely, ANDROID).

  38. I’m really thankful for this program as Pandora is not available in Germany normally.
    This program not only brings it to my desktop, but it also gives me a very good functionality.

    Open-Source and Worldwide access 4 life!

  39. First of all: great piece of software! Thanx for that.
    Unfortunately, I cannot log on anymore. “Looks like there was a problem talking to Pandora. Try again or restart Elpis.”

    Not able to connect anymore. Hope you can fix this soon!

  40. Same problem here, it stops working yesterday and got the “Looks like there was a problem talking to Pandora. Try again or restart Elpis.”

    Thank you guys, you’re awesome!

  41. Hey :-) I hope you can fix the error soon. I miss Pandora and my Elpis. Such a handy little tool. Thank you very much!

  42. Elpis Withdrawals…. Help!

    • Hang in there! I’m definitely making progress.
      Check back and get the beta when it’s out. I need as many people to test this update as possible. It’s a TON of backend changes.

  43. Elpis….I need it bad!! Pulling for you Adam

    • Thanks for the support! The update is going well (but I’d say will require another 20ish hours work), so stay tuned!

      • great news :-) can’t wait!

  44. Hey Adam,

    Is there a way to view/change the hotkeys? I play video games in borderless windowed mode instead of fullscreen while using your awesome Elpis client and I often press the spacebar, which keeps pausing the player.

    • At the moment, no. That’s one of the things that I hope to enhance in the future.
      That’s weird that hitting spacebar would do that though… that’s not supposed to be a global key and should only work when Elpis has focus.
      However, if you keyboard has media keys, those can be made global. Just enable it in settings and then you can hit the dedicated play/pause and next to control it.

      Looks like I need to check on keys being global when they shouldn’t be though…

  45. Since the last update to, Elpis has been working very well with very few problems of any kind. Well done, and thanks!!!

  46. HEY can u fiqure out how to get around inthe client i am blind

  47. Thank you, this works better than Pandora One and is just like Pithos which it replaces when I have to use a windows development box.

    Great work!

  48. I am having difficulty with Elpis, I have uninstalled several times, when it first comes up the song plays fine. If I skip a song or choose that I am tired of this song the next song skips through in about 40 seconds and doesn’t play and it will do that until I go to choose a new station. If I choose to skip the song it does it again. Please help I love this application and I would hate to get rid of it!

  49. […] sign up – it’s the best online radio out there and is available in NZ now.  Then head here and get the Elpis desktop client for Pandora – no more needing an extra browser tab.  […]

  50. weirdest thing…my Symantec AV client thinks your DL has a Trojan in it…Trojan.Gen.X and marks it infected…AVG and McAfee don’t tho….I don’t know if you have any recourse into having it declared a false positive or not…but FYI

    • I’ve contacted Symantec but they are not much help. It’s most definitely a false positive. Trojan.Gen.X just means that it generically looks kind of maybe like a Trojan. Probably some of the compiled code in Elpis happens to have a similar hash as something that was a Trojan. Not really sure. But I promise it’s fine. Sorry for any confusion.

  51. OMFG!!! I love this app. I tried Pandora 1…and it doesn’t accept media keys (I have mediakeys on my my macbook’s keyboard, on my G15 that I use as my primary keyboard, and even on my remote control for my macbook). This one feature prevented me from buying….and then I found this instead. PERFECT.

  52. Good job on this. Worked right, unlike open pandora which failed. I new i could count on wpf and C#. Though, i would have prefer TDI instead of Metro style.

  53. Nice program! Thanks!

  54. Hey Adam god job with Elpis it rocks! Seriously Congrats!
    Where do we submit our feature requests?
    How about making Elpis multi-channel? Meaning if I have a pc with various sound-cards it would be great to put one station on each channel. See the big picture? Home automation multi audio zones with pandora would be AWESOME!!!!

    Thanks again for this awesome app!

    • Unfortunately, due to the way the audio engine works, that would be quite impossible without a major rewrite. Sorry :(

      • I downloaded your code I am going to take a stab at it. Maybe without some of the features but BASS seems pretty straight forward. I will keep you up to date.
        Cheers Comrade!

        • Awesome. What kind of stuff are you looking to add?

          • Well first thing would be multi-zone support. (being able to play multiple Pandora instances in various rooms.) Then probably mp3, wav support and playlists.
            But you know how it goes, time is the most precious assets and usually the toughest constraint.

          • Happy that you have an interest in working on it but I think you may be missing how Elpis works. It supports MP3 and AAC streams from Pandora but it’s not intended to play arbitrary files. Doing so would be overly complicated because of the way it’s built.

  55. Fantastic! Great job with the proxy! Everything works like a charm!

  56. Start minimized feature would be great! Loving the app Thanks!

  57. Will we be seeing a metro app version of Elpis for Windows 8? I imagine it would be a fairly simple conversion. So far there isn’t a Pandora app in the Windows 8 store so you could easily become the top app and maybe finally make some decent money off this project! :D

    • *maybe* – but I really have no plans for it at the moment. I was about to say that I have seen no installs on Windows 8, but out of curiosity, I just checked and apparently Win8 is showing up in my analytics as Win7… crap.

      It’s definitely possible, but I’m still a little skeptical of the whole Metro app thing at the moment. One note, however, is that even if I do make a windows 8 version, it will never run on Windows 8 RT (The ARM CPU version) since that would require an absolute rewrite :(

  58. Any way you could do windows 7 taskbar controls, so I could skip tracks, skip tracks, and possibly thumbs up and thumbs down while the program is minimized? Also, the ability to use aero snap would be awesome. Thanks!

    • I’m already working on taskbar controls for the next version. Aero Snap would be a bit harder given the way it was written initially. But I’ll look into it.

  59. Still works despite rumors Pandora disabled it. So far, it rocks! Thank you!

  60. This is the best Pandora client for Windows around. Simple and clean, seemless integration with Last.fm, no comercial interruption. Great job, guys! It would be good to have something of this quality for iPhone. I’m going to throw a bone for this one ;)

  61. I just discovered Elpis and I love it! Thank you!

    (I’m running XP SP3 on a Pentium M machine. Many months ago, Pandora performance was acceptable for me via IE 8. But lately it has begun skipping and pausing excessively, especially when I try to give a song the thumbs up. I found a way to install the Windows Sidebar and the “official” Pandora Gadget under XP. That approach worked better than IE, but I’ve been somewhat concerned about the security vulnerabilities associated with Windows Gadgets. A Google search led me to Elpis and I’m very impressed! Again, thank you!)

  62. Hi Adam,

    Does Elpis offer any type of TCP/IP remote control protocol? I am a windows person and would like to integrate with my whole house audio system.


  63. I’m having trouble using this application, today, January 21st 2013. It has been working fine for several months now and I’m worried that this application is now being blocked by http://www.pandora.com. Elpis Pandora Player is unable to play music when I click on any of my stations (occasionaly it will after changing stations several times) and even more disturbing, it started playing ads like those heard on Pandora’s website. It now just ‘hangs’ while trying to load a station. Let us hope that this is just a temporary problem with your excellent application Mr. Haile. We need our music! PS. Other Elpis users, are you having this problem?

    • I have been getting reports of similar… I’m looking into it.

    • Yes, same problem for several days. Would be great, Adam, if you could find out what the problem is. Thx

      • Unfortunately, the problem of it not loading stations is totally on Pandora’s end and there’s nothing I can do about it.
        Regarding hearing ads; I haven’t actually been able to reproduce this. However, from reports I’ve had about the ads, they are just being inserted into songs, so there’s no way to detect that there is an ad. Therefore, there’s nothing I can do. Wish I had better news. Though I don’t blame pandora for loading ads in this way.

        • My feeling ist that switching from AAC to MP3 is much more stable (almost no interruptions). The best result I had with the 24 hour free Premium Pandora membership, where I could switch to 192 kbps. Maybe other Elpis users can test and check this too.

          • AAC *should* use lest bandwidth and be quicker, but it depends on the song it seems. Also, if you have Pandora One (or even the 24 hour thing) your streams get higher priority which is why you see it working better. I definitely recommend getting a paid account if you can. If nothing just to support pandora :)

  64. Well, I just used this app all day at work (8 Hours) on thrus 1/31/13. Pretty much wroked perfectly. Once it did get stuck at “loading station” but it went away after skipping a track I believe. I was happy to see how great this functions as I was reading a lot of comments on other sites saying that this was going to be defunct soon. Good job dev.

  65. Beatiful! this is what I’ve been looking for! I love it, gr8, gr8, just gr8, of course I’m donating, you deserve it, I used to have Last.fm, the scrobbler appl but now they’re starting charging in a monthly basis, after 5 years now, I guess, so I move to pandora, but the browser issue and the ‘I’m still listening’ thing is not the best way to have a background music when working. so I found you! and I love U buddy! GOOD JOB, and I notice you are responding almost all the comments, that’s admirable also so 100 thumbs up!

  66. Hey Adam,

    First of all, AMAZING APP!!! Love it, kudos for all your hard work.

    Unfortunately, recently I’ve been having issues with the skip feature. When push for next song, it does some crazy thing where it shoes 40 seconds of music and shows it’s playing but nothing comes out. At first I thought there was some bug in my system, cleaned it out really good (found nothing too damaging). I then removed Elpis and reloaded it. I thought for sure this would have taken care of it but, nope. : (

    Is this a system wide problem or is there something I can do on my end? Thanks for everything.

    • I’ve heard tale of this happening occasionally but have never been able to nail down why or actually see it happen. Seems likely to be an issue with Pandora’s servers… not really sure :(

  67. I was just wondering I have been tracking Elpis with Process monitor and have been trying to find the location of where it stores temp files. I see it does CreateFile calls to a few DLL’s but that’s as far as I get. Where does it store all your temporary stuff like parts of songs etc?

  68. Windows 8 compatibility?

    • It will work in desktop mode. Thanks for the reminder to update the site :)
      There’s just no “Metro” UI or whatever they are calling the full screen apps these days. This also means it will not work on Windows 8 RT systems. If you don’t know what I mean by that, you don’t have one.

  69. hotkeys for like/dislike would be nice like bind them to page up/down buttons

    • Hopefully coming in the next version.

  70. Really well made program. Works excellently. Thanks very much for creating this!

    Small addition that might be nice: Would it be possible to add track seeking to the program? I’ve seen other third-party pandora clients have it, so I’m wondering if it might be possible to add it.

    • Welcome :) It’s Possible, I’ll add it to the list.

  71. Should it currently work with proxy? I’m getting proxy from hidemyass.com but no one work: “Error communicating with the server. Try again…”

    • Yes… it supports proxies. But you have to either have a system wide proxy or configure it from within Elpis. If it’s not connecting, make sure you can use your proxy with other apps.

  72. I messed up somewhere along the line and I think I have Elpis stuck on a second monitor that isn’t there. It shows up on the taskbar, but I can’t access the program. Tabbing doesn’t work and clicking on the window from the taskbar is useless as well. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but no dice.

    Any thoughts?

  73. Adam,

    Just discovered your site/program. Looks fantastic. Wondering if your program could solve a problem I have. I have a HTPC hooked up to a projector. I have used an iphone universal remote program to automatically open/close certain windows on the computer, tun on the receiver, etc. so I don’t have to turn on the projector every time I want to listen to music. e.g., with various macros, i can open itunes, set receiver to correct input and then use the itunes remote on my iphone to control the music.

    Is there a remote functionality with Elpis. A way to skip, pause, thumb up/down or (possibly) see artist and song info on my iphone/ipod touch as a remote over wifi? Thanks

    • Unfortunately, no, there is no remote functionality. But the workings of what could be are all in there? Maybe consider contributing some code?

  74. Great app use it all the time but now Ads are playing where a track should be about every 3 songs.Got a insurance ad but was showing Van Halen and soon as the ad ends it goes to another track.That is my only issue,again great app.

    Also it starts usually about 30-60 min. after starting app.