Looking for a new Elpis Leader

Are you interesting in working on Elpis? Unfortunately, in the last year my attention has had to be focused elsewhere. So I have not had the time I would like to devote to working on Elpis. If you are interested in becoming a developer for and possibly taking over this project, please email me via elpis@adamhaile.net

I would love to see Elpis live on and get the attention it deserves. So, if you would love to see Elpis continue to get new features and be updated and have the technical skills to do so, please consider diving in and lending your time to the project!

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  1. I hope someone takes over in the event of app-breaking API changes on Pandora’s end, but the client is pretty great as-is. I sometimes wish there was an in-app volume control, but it’s just a matter of going to the Windows mixer.

    Elpis is the only reason I listen to Pandora. Google Music All Access is my main music service, but I have a scheduled task to launch Elpis every day at noon for two hours. Because my PC is usually hibernating at noon, in practice music starts up when I wake my machine after work or is already playing if something random woke it earlier. I suppose it even serves as a tampering/theft alarm in that regard. It can also alert me if I left a couple different processes running that interfere with Elpis, so it’s almost a system utility in my case :)

    • Very cool way of using it :) I’m actually going to soon start working with something to start taking it over.
      There is an in-app volume control. Just click on the little speaker icon at the top and a volume slider will show up.

      • Ha, wow, I can’t believe I never saw the volume button. I actually picked up Elpis when I was interning at Lifehacker and pushed for a post. It ended up on the “maybe weekend” pile for a few weeks, but I guess it eventually gave you a nice little bump. For purely selfish reasons, I’m glad you stuck with the project.