Happy Birthday to Elpis

I’m a little late on this but Elpis just turned 1!
I released Elpis on December 18th of last year and what a crazy year it has been :)
Elpis has been downloaded in more than 100 countries and as of yesterday, the most recent version, has been downloaded over 9000 times!

Many thanks and Happy Holidays to all those that have helped spread the word and support Elpis in the last year!

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  1. Congrats I guess ! :)

    I just started using this after moving from Linux and using Pithos, so happy I found this. Will probably donate after I have used it for a while :)

    Quick question: Why does Elpis not the “theme” that other window apps does? I mean, it looks cool sure, but it sort of “stands out” if you understand.

    Anyway, Hope you had a great christmas, and happy new year!

    • Thanks :)
      It’s themed so that it always stays the same clean layout. Overriding the default windows styling ensures consistency.
      No real reason, just what I felt like at the time :P

  2. Hey Adam, sorry on the late congrats on Elpis’ b-day, but I wanted to chime in with my two cents. You have done an amazing job with Elpis and I recommend it to all of my clients (I do basic computer repair) and friends. I was wondering though if maybe you could add a function to search and add channels from Elpis instead of having to log into the Pandora website… if not it’s still all good. I wouldn’t stop using this program even if the world ended! Its that good!

    • Glad you love it! :)
      You can search and add stations from Elpis. Just click on the plus icon (top left) and type in what you want to search for. Then click on the entry you like.

      • Here’s another question, is there a way to change the dark icon that you used for the taskbar? I have a dark background and prefer to run dark windows… when I try to change it the change Icon button is locked

  3. Hi! Just wanted to say that I love Elpis, however there’s a slight complaint. When using dual monitors, if Elpis is accidentally left on the secondary and it is disconnected, Elpis refuses to migrate back to the primary monitor with the rest of the programs. It’s a non-issue for me, since my boyfriend is also a programmer and he used .net to make a program that resets it and restarts Elpis, but I figured I’d alert you to this if you didn’t know already. :)
    Regardless, thank you for the wonderful program! It works great and the UI is sleek.
    Keep up the amazing work! I’ll throw money in your general direction when I can.