As promised, there’s a new version of Elpis available for download.

For the impatient types, head right over to the project page and download the installer.

One quick note, however – Users coming from the last version (1.0.3), if you get the update notification within the client and tell it to update, there is a bug in that version that may cause it to crash after launching the download. Don’t worry, just install the new version when it downloads and the bug will be fixed.

Aside from a great deal of bug fixes and little tweaks there have been a number of enhancements added, including:

  • Last.FM Scrobbler support
  • UI for Proxy configuration
  • Beginnings of plugin interface
  • Pause on System Lock
  • In-client update downloads
  • Close to tray option

After all of the API craziness, it was great to finally be able to do something other than just fix what Pandora broke. So I really hope that all the users enjoy all the new features.

One of the other major reasons that all these changes have been made is that I’ve had some help this time around from Ben Kloester. It has been great to see what started as a tiny personal project turn into something with a wide user base and a number of dedicated fans, kind enough to want to lend a hand. So, if you are one of the many people who have been looking for LastFM support in Elpis, you have Ben to thank as he is the one that pushed Elpis down that path and has done a great deal to get it working.

So, go ahead, grab the download and get back to listening… and now Scrobbling, if that’s your thing.

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  1. Thank you! Last.FM support was the main feature I’ve been missing when in Windows, as I can’t run Pithos on it. Elpis is my go-to for Pandora.

  2. Works great… would be nice if you could add in the love and unlove functions of Last.FM and tie it into the thumbs up /thumbs down of Pandora (i.e. when a track is either marked thumbs up or thumbs down, mark it loved/unloved in Last.FM; or if it is already marked thumbs up, pass that on to Last.FM when a track is played)

    • It actually supports that already. If you play a track in Elpis and rate it, the rating will automatically propagate to Last.FM
      It will, however, not send updates to Last.FM for songs that have been rated in Pandora previously. Though I may add that in the future.
      So, it should already be doing this for you… if you have reason to believe it’s not, please log a bug on the issues page.